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 10/04 40 watt sun, antimatter, leafblade and grown below

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10/04 40 watt sun, antimatter, leafblade and grown below Empty
MessageSujet: 10/04 40 watt sun, antimatter, leafblade and grown below   10/04 40 watt sun, antimatter, leafblade and grown below Icon_minitimeMer 12 Mar - 14:42

10/04 40 watt sun, antimatter, leafblade and grown below 10009277_715687361810052_1960636050_n

Antimatter, a UK melancholic rock band, is the project of longtime member Mick Moss. The project was formed in 1997 by Duncan Patterson (former bassist/songwriter of Anathema) and Moss. The earlier Antimatter albums, Savior and Lights Out, focused on melodic vocal lines (often by guest female vocalists). Planetary Confinement marked the start of a shift towards more of an acoustic based melancholic rock sound. Leaving Eden, with Mick Moss as the only songwriter and singer, continues in this direction and also gives electric guitars a more prominent role. The result is a heavier sounding album, with little trace of the ambient sound of early Antimatter. Recent album Fear Of A Unique Identity presents a more layered, energetic picture, mixing all of Antimatter’s past textures with a New Wave feel.

Antimatter will bring a full band and the complete Leaving Eden album among many others on the setlist!

40 Watt Sun is the music project of songwriter Patrick Walker, best known for his previous band, Warning. 40 Watt Sun sees Patrick Walker accompanied by drummer Christian Leitch and bass player William Spong. 40 Watt Sun’s music is characterised by down-tempo rhythms and introspective lyrical themes, as well as Patrick Walker’s poignant vocals.Their debut album, The Inside Room, was recorded over three days and nights at The Library Studio in London, and was produced and mixed entirely by the band. It features five new songs of original material, as well as a bonus song on the limited edition 12″ vinyl release. It was released on Cyclone Empire on March 4th 2011 in the EU, and Metal Blade in the US. The band is currently working on material for their second release.

Grown Below arose from the ashes of Timer in early 2011, continuing the path to the full album The Long Now with the same sound, but more evolved. With the rising of this fresh band the decision fell that from then on Matthijs (who previously was the singer of Timer) also took on the guitar and helped the band sound more like it should. Grown Below may be influenced by the usual suspects (Cult of Luna, Isis, Tool etc. ) but they certainly go beyond being mere epigones. Mixing ambient and atmospheric pieces with beastly heavy monolithic blows to the head, their music results in a promising and unique sound that can only be grasped as dark and utterly bleak. The second album by the Belgium band continues traditions of the debut album, however, more conceptual. Interlaced guitar passages create an inimitable atmosphere typical for post rock while sludge metal riffs do not allow to monotony to dominate. Episodic appearance of bugle and trumpet ensure new sound which is not common for post metal. The album is addressed to fans of Isis, Cult Of Luna, Mouth Of The Architect, Rosetta.

Leafblade have flowered with their haunting, acoustic expression since 2003, at the inception of a collaboration between Sean Jude and Anathema’s Dan Cavanagh. Leafblade is a delicate mix of melodic, powerful refrains, unveiling ‘green and gold’ resonances combined with a distinctly otherworldly Troubadour-esque feel; repletely modern, though saturated with age and depth. Based in Liverpool, UK, Sean Jude, a guitarist since childhood, has celebrated and explored through his poetry and music the power of Dream and Imagination, Nature Mysticism, Hermetics and Human Potential. With the ‘Kiss of Spirit and Flesh’ on Kscope the music reached new heights.

More info soon:

Presale: 16 Eur
At the door: 19 Eur
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10/04 40 watt sun, antimatter, leafblade and grown below
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